Integrated Stretch Wrapping Systems

Pallet containment is often the last component of a packaging system. Semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrapping equipment can significantly lower material and labor costs. Pro Pac can help you determine the right palletizing equipment for your needs - from light duty, low profile machines, to rotary tower machines with fork lift entries, to fully automatic palletizers.

Industrial Stretch Wrapping for Pallets of Blocks

This fully-automatic stretchwrapper production line receives and wraps loads of bricks directly from an existing strapping machine.

Automatic Multi-Packing, Shrink Bundling, Stretch Wrapping & Palletizing System

This fully automatic bottle wrapping line begins with receiving individual bottles from an existing filler and labeler, and ends with double wrapping film-on-film to reduce corrugated usage.

Automatic Can Labeling, Tray Packing, Shrink Bundling, Palletizing System

Cans are unloaded, labeled, tray-packed, shrink bundled, palletized, and stretch wrapped in this fully automatic pallet-to-pallet line.