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LSI Labeling Wrap Station Options

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Professional Packaging Systems proudly represents LSI label applicators and labeling systems. Labeling Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of pressure sensitive labeling equipment and systems for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods companies. We offer LSI's full range of products, including stand alone labeling heads, turnkey systems as well as custom solutions all designed to operate in a 24/7 production environment.

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LSI Wrap Station Options

LSI Wrap Belt Assembly

Wrap Belt Assembly

Wrap Belt Systems are used to spin the product (typically a bottle) to finish the application of a label. This can also be used for square and rectangular shaped products as well. The wrap belt assembly consists of an adjustable Linatex coated timing belt and an adjustable padded back-up plate. The standard back-up plate is designed for round products.

LSI Drive Option

Drive Options

The standard DC motor and drive controller is designed for belt speeds from 0 IPM to 1290 IPM. An optional AC motor with variable frequency drive controller automatically synchronizes the wrap belt speed to be two times the conveyor speed.

LSI Belt Option

Belt Options

The standard wrap belt assembly is designed to apply labels up to 15-1/2" long and is available in 3" tall and 6" tall models. Custom machined belt surfaces are available to accommodate irregular product profiles.

LSI Back Up Options

Back Up Options

Optional back-up plates with thicker padding are available for wrapping labels on oval, square, and rectangular products.

LSI Synchronize Dispense Wrap Belt Application

Synchronize Dispense Wrap Belt Application

This is the most common method. This method locates the peeler bar of the labeling head next to the wrap station. Products are guided to the tangent point created by the peeler bar, wrap belt, and product. The label is dispensed directly into this tangent point and the wrap belt will take away the product and spin it to finish wrapping the label around the product.

The sychronized dispense method is very versatile and results in higher application rates. Though the synchronized dispense method usually does not require change parts, it may depending on the product.

Model 1500 Open Frame Wrap System and Model 4550 Main Frame Wrap System feature this method.

LSI Pre-Dispense Wrap Belt Application

Pre-Dispense Wrap Belt Application

Incorporates a top hold down assembly between the in-feed device and the wrap station. By utilizing this method, there is no need to match speeds. Also this method provides a means to incorporate peripheral devices such as label on product inspection and rejection.

The pre-dispense method is easy to set up and is very accurate with high-speed capability. There is no need to match dispensing and lableing speeds. This dispensing method keeps products on fixed centers, and easily incorporates vision and label inspection systems.

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