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Pro Pac proudly offers PFM fin seal / flow wrap packaging equipment. Fin seal machines include flow wrap, flow pack, fill, and form seal packaging machines, as well as various automatic feed systems. These machines have a wide range of accessories to customize your packaging process to perfectly package your products.

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PFM Falcon Servo Horizontal Flow Wrap System

PFM Falcon Servo Flow Pack Fin Seal Packaging Equipment

PFM Falcon Servo Horizontal Flow Wrap System

This horizontal packaging machine produces pillow-pack type bags from a reel of heat or cold sealable paper or plastic wrapping material. It's steel monoblock frame structure is painted with three layers of scratchproof epoxy paint or made of stainless steel. All product contact parts are constructed from 18/10 stainless steel.

Types of Products: Ideal for produce, especially round fruits and vegetables usually packed on trays like apples, kiwis, onions, peaches, etc. Conventional pillow packs can contain 1, 2, or 3 products; 4 (2+2) products; and 6 (3+3) products.

Advantages: Falcon Servo features versatile format change and can produce packs containing 1 to 6 products depending on requirements.

Eco-Savings: Products previously packed in trays or on tray and pillow bags can now be packed in pillow packs only, reducing packaging costs and simplifying waste disposal.

Innovation: The infeed conveyor and forming tunnel enable the Falcon Servo to pillow pack products traditionally packaged on vertical packaging machines. The horizontal Falcon Servo prevents delicate products from becoming bruised or damaged.

Watch a Video of the PFM Falcon Fin Seal Machine Packaging Buns

Features of the Falcon Servo

A double chain infeed conveyor belt is fitted with product carriers and pushers with counter-pitch, which can be adjusted by a handwheel to suit the grade of produce.
Vertical guides with idle rollers gently move round, fragile products forward.
The forming box is adjustable to suit differently-sized products.
Small rotating belt fitted at the bottom of the forming box helps insert the product into the wrapping material.
Brush conveyor mounted above the fin seal deck plates gently maintains product position into the film and through the end seal jaws.
Three pairs of separate, tiltable fin seal rollers for the longitudinal seal; the third set also folds the film.
Pneumatically opening fin seal wheels.
Rotary crimpers for crossways sealing maximum diameter 200 mm, with separate temperature control.
Self-centering reel-holder shaft with precise centering adjustment.
Brake equalizing system to maintain consistent braking intensity.
Driven by 5 DC in-line electric motors.
All machine functions are set and controlled through a touch-screen control panel.

Production Speeds

2 Products: Up to 80 pillow-packs per minute
3 and 4 Products: Up to 70 pillow-packs per minute
6 Products: Up to 60 pillow-packs per minute
PFM Falcon Servo Packaging Line

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