Arpac Case Erectors, Case Packers & Tray Loaders

Pro Pac offers Arpac's Master Series erectors are capable of forming and sealing a large variety of styles and sizes of tray, cases and boxes. Arpac's Master Series erectors are perfect for low, medium as well as high speed packaging operations.

MBE-1200 Box Erector

The MBE-1200 is a versatile 5 panel box erector for a wide range of boxes and trays. This system uses economical swing-lock style boxes used in the automotive industry and Higgens fold-over style boxes used in the toy and electronics industry.

MCE-2210 Case Erector

The MCE-2210 Series is unrivaled in terms of quality, performance, reliability and usability. The Master MCE-2210 Series is a case erector and bottom flap hot melt glue/tape sealer for assembling corrugated cases at speeds up to 16 per minute.

MTE-1100 Glue Style Tray Erector

The Masters MTE-1100 is an inline high speed tray erecting system that automatically selects, forms, seals and ejects trays at speeds up to 40 trays per minute.

MTE-1200 Fold and Tuck Style Tray Erector

The Masters MTE-1200 Series automatically erects trays with roll over folding flaps eliminating repetitive hand motion (carpel tunnel) at speeds up to 25 trays per minute.

DPM-2000 Case Packer

Arpac's intermittent motion DPM 2000 wrap-around case packers are designed for a wide variety of products, Reaching speeds up to 25 cases / trays per minute.

EL-2000 End-Load Case Packer

Arpac's EL-2000 Series intermittent motion end-load case packer operates at speeds up to 25 cases per minute. Product accumulation, case forming, loading, and sealing are integrated into this single compact machine.

TS-2000 Tray Loader

Arpac's high-speed continuous motion TrayStar TS-2000 Series makes tray loading a variety of products fast and easy. Wrap-around trays ensure that the product is enclosed in a tightly fit tray preventing scuffing and product damage.