MCE-2210 Case Erector

Arpac Masters MCE-2210 Case Erector

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The MCE-2210 Series is unrivaled in terms of quality, performance, reliability and usability. The Master MCE-2210 Series is a case erector and bottom flap hot melt glue/tape sealer for assembling corrugated cases. This system automatically selects, erects, and seals the bottom flaps of RSC and HSC cases at speeds up to 16 per minute.

The MCE-2210 uses a dual opposing vacuum case opening system to ensure each case is opened positively from both sides. This overcomes problems associated with stiff board and glue migration from the manufacturer's joint. RSC or HCS cases will run without a problem.

The MCE-2210 unique handling system works well with normal RSC or HCS cases. No tapered flaps are required.

Features of the MCE-2210

Positive dual opposing vacuum case opening.
Compact footprint.
Clear access.
Quick size change.
Heavy-duty rugged construction designed for durability and around-the-clock operations.
Powder coat finish that provides a durable scratch resistant surface and prevents corrosion.
Up to 16 cases per minute.


Stainless steel construction.
Up to 20 cases per minute with reduced size range.

Example Applications

RSC or HCS cases