Econoseal Tray Formers

Econoseal tray formers are versatile, compact tray forming systems that reliably form glued or locking corner trays, cases, and cartons. These tray formers are designed for reliable operation without the need for extensive operator training.

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Econoseal Spartan Wrap-Around Cartoner

The Econoseal Spartan wrap-around tray cartoner is a compact system for cartons, cases, and trays.

Econoseal T-System Tray Cartoner

The Econoseal T-System tray cartoner is a completely automatic system for forming, conveying, closing, and sealing top loaded cartons.

Econoseal Econoform and Econolock Tray Formers

Econoform automatic tray formers form corner glue hot melt trays. Econolock automatic tray formers form corner lock or simplex style locking trays.

Econoseal Reverse Triseal Tray Former

The Econoseal Reverse Triseal tray former is an economic, compact 3-flap glue sealer that accepts all conventional 3-flap style cartons either lock or glue-formed.