Reverse Triseal Tray Cartoner

Econoseal Reverse Triseal Tray Cartoner

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The Econoseal Reverse Triseal tray cartoner is a versatile, economic, compact 3-flap glue sealer that is engineered for simplicity, durability, and reliability. The Reverse Triseal accepts all conventional 3-flap style cartons either lock or glue-formed. Hooded cover styles may be handled as an option. This machine is available with cold glue or hot melt sealing.

The Reverse Triseal is designed for reliable operation without the need for extensive operator training.

Sealing Method

Hot Melt Glue
The hot melt gluing system is designed for coated board and also minimizes compression time required for sealing. This nonpressurized, open pot, dauber glue system eliminates clogging. Electric power is required for the glue pot heaters.

Specifications of the Reverse Triseal

Carton Size
Min: 3" x 3/4" x 3/4" (76 x 19 x 19mm)
Max: 12" x 12" x 4" (305 x 305 x 102mm)
Up to 1,800 cartons per hour
220 volts, 50/60 Hz, Single phase, 2,100 watt hot melt system
60 psi (4 bar), approximately .025 cubic feet (.7 liters) per cycle
Approximately 300 lbs (140 kg)

Optional Equipment

Hand Crank Adjustment
The Reverse Triseal is available with full lateral hand crank adjustment. Changeover between sizes is accomplished by dialing to the appropriate carton size and locking the machine in position. Changeover time is reduced to minutes and change parts are minimized.

Air Operated Delivery Chute
Removes the uppermost sealed carton from the compression section of the Reverse Triseal and returns it to a convenient working level or to a take-a-away conveyor for case packing. Chute may be right or left hand delivery.

Deboss, ink and hot leaf coding systems are available for installation on Reverse Triseal equipment to meet your specific requirements.

Choke Feeding
Choke feeding is accomplished by conveying fi lled cartons hinge cover leading untimed into the Reverse Triseal. When a carton is advanced into gluing position, the auto cycle switch is activated and the glue cycle is started.

Flighted Infeed Conveyor
Where packaging line layouts require cartons to be conveyed in an end-leading manner for ease of product loading, flighted, variable-speed conveyor systems are available. The filled cartons are conveyed (end leading) to a right angle transfer station where an air activated cylinder positively transfers the carton into the Reverse Triseal where it is glued automatically.