Compact Fin Seal Flow Wrap Machine

PFM Compact Flow Pack Fin Seal Packaging Equipment

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PFM Compact Flow Pack Fin Seal Packaging Equipment PFM Compact Multi-Pack Bags

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The Compact produces closed multipacks such as three seals pillow bags and square bottom stand-up pouches from a reel of flexible hot-seal film.

The Compact produces flow-pack multi-pack of products, large and small bottles, food products, chemical and pharmaceutical products. The Compact can also pack single products, even if they have an unusual shape and it is particularly suitable for those cases when the single product has to be guided (when dealing with fragile or delicate products) through all the phases of transportation, wrapping and sealing.

Features of the Compact

Main electronic operations driven by brushless motors in electrical axis controlled by a PLC and an alphanumeric programming keyboard or colour touch screen.
2 mt. loading belt divided into easy to clean sections (standard version).
AISI 304 structure with aluminium plates, treated chemically against corrosion.
Product group transfer system and pneumatic pusher.
Package forming system with forming tube and quick-release system.
Self-centering film pulling belts driven by a brushless motor.
Traverse sealing system with hot-bar crimpers driven by a brushless motor.
Self-centering reel-holding shaft with brake and electronic control of the film tension.
Electronic print registration system.
Thermotransfer date coding unit (optional).