PFM Scirocco Fin Seal Flow Wrapper

PFM Scirocco Flow Pack Fin Seal Packaging Equipment

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PFM Scirocco Flow Pack Fin Seal Packaging Equipment PFM Scirocco Fin Seal Flow Pack Packaging Equipment Layout PFM Scirocco Control Panel

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Servo-Assisted Flow Wrapper for MAP Fin Seal Packages

The Scirocco is a servo-assisted horizontal flow wrapping machine for producing packages that are hermetically sealed, perfect for Modified Atmosphere Packaging.The Scirrocco is designed so that all of its parts can be easily cleaned.


High Speed Hermetic Seals: With the Long Dwell and Long Dwell HS multi-crimper sealing systems, the Scirocco achieves wrapping speeds of 140 to 400 packages per minute. The PB sealing system allows the creation of Pocket Bag wraps.

Easy Cleaning: The cantilevered struction built from AISI 304 steel with large radius corners, along with quick-release parts, make all of the Scirocco easy to clean.

Cantilevered Construction: The mechanical and electronic components are housed at the back of the wrapping machine in a separate, protected environment. The front of the machine is left free, allowing production residues to fall freely to the floor, assisting machine clean up.

Flow Pack Vacuum System: The Scirocco and vacuum bell are an economical, straightforward, flexible, and highly productive combination for creating vacuum-packed wraps from a reel of film.

Features of the Scirocco

Servo machine equipped with 3 brushless motors with electronic control
Double expanding reel holding shaft with reel diameter up to 600 mm
Reel disc brake
Rapid release of the forming box-Long Dwell unit connecting belt
Motorized system for adjusting the height of the Long Dwell unit
3 pairs of tiltable wheels for longitudinal sealing
Infeed conveyor with interchangeable product pushers
LD Packaging Speed: Up to 140 packs per minute
LDHS Packaging Speed: Up to 400 packs per minute

Scirocco Servo

Automatic programming capabilities allow easy set up of the machine's functions for up to 60 separate programs via a touch screen control panel.

Format changes are recalled automatically: product length, deceleration, various product stages, print position.

Scirocco Servo functions also include no product / no bag functions and automatic height adjustment of the transverse sealing jaws.


Date / bar code printer
Automatic reel splicer
Longitudinal crimpers with slat conveyor and trimming device with retrieval of excess trim for a smooth, uniform seal
Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Product Dimensions

Length: 0.39" - 13.78" (10mm - 350mm)
Width: 0.39" - 12.6" (10mm - 320mm)
Height: Up to 4.33" (110mm)
Maximum product dimensions depend on LD or LDHS sealing unit


Film width: 27.57" (700mm)
Film roll OD: 23.62" (600mm)
Crimp jaw length: 13.78" (350mm)
Electrical: 380V, 3 Phase, consumption 7 kw
Machine weight: 1,100 kg