Evolution Hand Held High Resolution Ink Jet Printer

Digital Design Hand Held System for Evolution High Resolution Ink Jet Printer

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Digital Design Hand Held System for Evolution High Resolution Ink Jet Printer Complete Hand Held System for Evolution High Resolution Ink Jet Printer

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Evolution high resolution ink jet printers are available in a portable hand-held model which can be used for field tagging applications, in place of manually applied labels or manual stencilling operations. This hand held-held system can be supplied with the: EV I, EV II, EV I LX, and EV II LX printhead modules.

The Evolution hand-held system is complete and ready to use right out of the box. The system includes a hand held controller with tactile keypad for message entry, a printhead module with internal product sensor, a long lasting rechargeable 12 volt battery pack, cushioned vertical grip, AC wall charger, and a 12 volt automobile charger.

The printhead module is adjustable and can print at a variety of angles. The 12 volt rechargeable battery pack supplies enough power for up to 12 hours of operation.

Features of the Evolution Hand Held System

Inkjet Technology by Hewlett Packard
Designed by Digital Design, the Evolution printers are powered with ink jet technology by Hewlett Packard. This combination gives you the benefits of an affordable, compact, and efficient design coupled with the reliability of printhead technology by Hewlett Packard.

Rechargeable Battery Pack
A 12 volt battery pack powers the Evolution printer and will supply enough energy to operate the system for up to 12 hours. Recharging the battery pack is accomplished with either a 12VDC automobile charger or a 120VAC wall outlet charger. Both charger types are supplied.

Printhead Adjustability
The printhead module is adjustable. This adjustability allows the battery pack to be rotated out of the way for printing close to the bottom of a carton on a fully loaded pallet.

Ink Supply
Built into the printhead is a 42 cc ink reservoir. Once the ink in the cartridge is depleted, it can be taken out, disposed of and a new ink cartridge inserted in just minutes.

Your Choice of Print Modules
The Evolution Hand Held System can be supplied with either the Evolution I or II printing systems.

The Evolution I prints one line of 1/2" characters or two lines of 7/32" characters. Selecting the character size is accomplished through the font key on the hand held controller. Optional style fonts and character sizes are available. Optional software packages (described below) add features such as message storage, roll over date coding, sequential numbering can be added as well.

The Evolution II is a fully featured system. Standard character heights are 1/2" for one line of print, 7/32" for two lines, 1/8" for three lines and 3/32" will print a four line message. All of the optional software packages that can be used in Evolution I are standard in this system.

Standard Operating Features

Printhead Module

Alpha/Numeric character set plus special characters
Graphics (EV II)
Character Heights: 1/2" (12.7mm) and 7/32" (5.5mm)
One Line Message: 48 ASCII characters of 1/2" (12.7mm) height
Two Line Message: 96 ASCII characters of 7/32" (5.5mm) height (24 per line)
Three Line Message: 144 ASCII characters of 1/8" (3.2mm) height (24 per line) (EV II)
Four Line Message: 192 ASCII characters of 3/32" (2.4mm) height (24 per line) (EV II)
Flash card reader for optional software, optional fonts, and logos download
Storage and print logos and barcodes in bitmap(.bmp) file format
Standard software includes programmable: line speed, print delay, inter-character spacing, print direction, message orientation, inverted printing
Multiple language promts: English, Spanish

Technical Specifications

Production Speed

Up to 200 feet (61m) per minute

Ink Supply

Cartridge volume: 42cc
Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow
Low ink monitoring

Power Required

110-240 VAC, 50-60Hz 0.5A


50F - 104F (10C - 40C)
Up to 80% RH non-condensing

Physical Dimensions

Controller: 4.125" wide x 8.750" long x 1.500" deep
Printhead module: 2" wide x 4" deep x 3" high
Vertical Grip: 4" high
Battery Base: 5" wide x 5" deep x 3" high
Overall Weight: 4 lbs.

Software Options and Special Packages for Evolution I Printer

Software Options

Alternative fonts: Downloadable via custom programmed flash card media.
Logos: Ability to load up to 3 logos into the message downloadable via flash card media.
Evolution-Net software for PC control of network.

Special Software Package No. 1

Message Storage: Store up to 50 messages in the hand held controller.
Automatic Message Repeat: Allows the message to be continuously repeated at intervals of up to 20".
Password Protection: Gives a supervisor the ability to password protect the printer to prevent unauthorized tampering with the message or operating parameters.

Special Software Package No. 1.5

Extended Message Length: Expands the message length to one line of 48 characters of 1/2" (12.7mm) characters and up to 96 characters (48 per line) in the 7/32" (5.5mm) character height.
Expanded Memory: Will store up to 100 messages and operating parameters in the controller.

Special Software Package No. 2

Sequentially Numbering: Sequential number your products with up to 9 digits.
Variable Date Formats: Date code your products in either a numerical (05/10/12), alphabetical (May 10, 2012) or Julian Date format. Delimiters of (: / .) are selectable.
Variable Time Formats: Time coding in military style (15:30:29) can be entered into the message for precise production tracking. Delimiters of (: / .) are selectable.
Special Software Packages 1 and 1.5.

Special Software Package No. 3

Shift Coding: Breaks the production day into 6 or less individual shifts with either an alpha or numerical character.
Date Offset: Allows for automatic rollover of expiration dates up to 999 days from the current date.
Product Counter: Counts the number of printer products within a programmed time period.
Special Software Packages 1, 1.5, and 2.