APM Bag Loaders and Band Sealers

Pro Pac proudly offers the full line of bag loading, heat sealing and band sealing machines designed and manufactured by All Packaging Machinery (APM). For more than 50 years, APM has produced packaging machines designed for durability, flexibility, and simplicity of operation. Nearly any item that can be put in a plastic bag can utilize a bagger or sealer. Applications include the food items, garments, plastic parts, stationery, baked goods, toys, pet products, automotive parts, medical devices, candy, and more.

APM Band Sealers

APM manufactures a wide range of USDA approved continuous rotary band sealing systems that produce quality hermetic seals. These machines are available in a vertical or horizontal models, and can be supplied with a variable speed conveyor for product support. Ecomonical table top models and validatable medical pouch sealers are also available.

APM Speedy Bag Packagers

APM's bag packagers are ideal for quick and easy product bagging using pre-made bags on a wicket. With one simple motion, the operator pushes the product into the already opened bag. Heavy duty, USDA approved stainless steel construction is perfect for packaging a wide range of products.

APM Drop Sealers / Gravity Sealers

APM's full line of gravity drop sealers can be used alone or in conjunction with a speedy bag packager. APM drop sealers produce either an impulse seal, impulse seal & trim, or a bead trim seal. They can seal packages automatically or manually using the included foot switch. These machines seal bags made from PE, PP, co-extrusions, nylon,Tyvek, and other heat sealable materials.

APM Table Top Sealers

APM's table top impulse and jaw type sealers are for sealing polyethylene, polypropylene, foil, nylon, and other materials. These air operated table sealers produce bead trim or impulse seals. Standard models have 16" long seal bar.