SBP-18 Speedy Bag Packager

APM SBP-18 Bag Packager

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APM SBP-18 Bag Packager

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The SBP-18 is an 18" wide bag opener designed for wicketed bags from 10" to 16.5" wide, and is configurable for various products. The wicketed bag is blown open by the 90 CFM adjustable blower while the operator loads the tray then slides the product through the custom guides and into the bag in seconds.

Features of the SBP-18

Powder coated steel with 304 stainless steel contact surfaces.
Parallel action bag reservoir holds up to 300 bags per wicket.
Opens over 25 bags per minute, depending on bag and product.
3 year warrantee on 90 cfm blower motor.
Accepts wicketed and saddle pack bags.
For polyethelene, polypropelene, shrink and laminated bags.
110 volt, 1 phase, 60hz @ 1 amp electrical. 220V available.