APM Drop Sealers / Gravity Sealers

APM's full line of gravity drop sealers can be used alone or in conjunction with a speedy bag packager. APM drop sealers produce either an impulse seal, impulse seal & trim, or a bead trim seal. They can seal packages automatically or manually using the included foot switch. These machines seal bags made from PE, PP, co-extrusions, nylon,Tyvek, and other heat sealable materials.

Bag Packager with Drop Sealer

Combine a bag packager with a drop sealer to make a complete bag and seal system.

DS-SS-16 and DS-SS-16-PP/PE Drop Sealers

DS-SS-16 and DS-SS-16-PP/PE drop sealers yield a smokeless and odorless bead trim seal on bags up to 15.5" wide.

DS-IMP-1/4-16 and DS-SS-IMP-5/16-16 Drop Sealers

These versatile impulse gravity sealers can seal a variety of materials at production speeds reaching up to 25 products per minute.