ATS-IMP-1/8-16 and 5/16-16 Table Top Bag Sealers

APM ATS-SS-IMP Table Top Bag Sealers

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The model ATS-IMP-1/8 and 5/16 table sealers are designed for a wide range of applications including: Medical, Food, Candy, Paper Goods, Textiles, Poultry, Bakery, Toys, Crafts, Garden, Pet Supplies, Decorative, Automotive, Electronics, Jewelry, Mailroom, Parts Kits, and many more.

Features of the ATS-IMP-1/8-16

Impulse sealing with 1/8" or 1/4" wide seals without trim.

Features of the ATS-IMP-5/16-16

Smokeless and odorless 1/8" wide trimmed seal on PE.
Preheat design. No warm up time required.
Scrap trim blow off & scrap net included.

Features of Both Models

Size bags: 2"-16" wide. Wider models are available.
Adjustable dwell timer, impulse timer, and cooling timer for sealing different thicknesses and materials.
Includes adjustable front feeder tray to lay product on.
Foot pedal start switch included.
Heavy gauge welded and painted steel construction.
ATS models require compressed air, 80-90 PSI.
Electrical: 110 V, 15 amps, 1 ph, 60 cycles. 220 V also available.

Materials for the ATS-IMP-1/8-16

Poly-Coated Paper Materials

Materials for the ATS-IMP-5/16-16

Polyethylene only