708HB-16 Shrink Bundler

Arpac 708HB-16 Shrink Bundler for the Health and Beauty Industry

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Arpac 708HB-16 Shrink Bundler for the Health and Beauty Industry

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The intermittent motion 708HB shrink bundler with integral tunnel is designed specifically for today's health, beauty and pharmaceutical industries.

Ultra-compact in design and economical in price, the 708HB shrink bundler is capable of shrink wrapping up to 30 bundles per minute. Constructed of stainless steel for easy cleaning, the 708HB-16 uses motorized pulleys rather than separate drives and chains for clean, safe operation.

The 708HB shrink bundling machine handles a variety of multipack configurations thanks to multi row collation capabilities and offers a wide range of standard and customized infeeds.

Features of the 708HB

Output at up to 30 bundles per minute.
Ultra-compact tubular stainless steel frame.
Bridge for short packages.
Self-tracking conveyor belts.
Integrated shrink tunnel with turbo cooling section.
Powered film unwind.
Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller with Arpac standard operator interface.
Film type: single-wound polyethylene.
Intermittent motion wrapping.
Digital controls for conveyor speeds, timing, and temperature settings for fast accurate setup when changing product size and film.
NEMA 12 electrical cabinet and controls.
Heavy-duty rugged construction designed for durability and around-the-clock operations.
Laser cut components for maximum precision.
Telescoping tunnel conveyor for fast change of product dead plates while maintaining level transfer of product to tunnel conveyor.
Hold down for light products.


Dead plates and pushers.

Example Applications