How to Measure a Corrugated Box

How to Measure a Corrugated Box

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There are many ways you could measure a corrugated box. Here are helpful guidelines to accurately communicate your requirements for determining the right dimensions of your boxes, for case packing inside your boxes, and for handling the outer dimensions of your boxes with case formers, case tapers, and palletizers.

Corrugated case dimensions are stated in the order of length, width, and depth or height (L x W x H), referring to the opening of an assembled box. The length is the longer of the two sides, and the width is the shortest. The depth, or height, is the distance between the opening and the opposite panel.

Case dimensions can be specified for either the inside or outside of the box. For an accurate fit of your product, inner measurements are considered. For pallet patterns and shipping, outer dimensions are used.

When ordering or constructing a corrugated box, inside dimensions (ID) are used for measuring because the corrugated board thickness vary. A box constructed of C flute will have different outer dimensions than a box made from E flute material. When measuring the inside of an existing box, measure from the center of the score (fold line). Be sure to specifty the measurements as inner dimensions, for example: 24" x 18" x 14" ID.

When determining the right equipment to erect, form, or tape your corrugated case, outer dimensions (OD) are considered. Outer dimensions are also used for shipping and pallet configuration purposes. Indicate that the measurements are outer dimensions, for example: 23.5" x 18.5" x 14.5" OD.