Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Barrier Film

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Barrier Film

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), also called nitrogen or gas flushing, an innovative technology that extends the shelf-life of packaged foods without the need for preservatives or freezing. With our barrier film, flushed gas is kept in, and oxygen is kept out of your package. Prolonged shelf life will provide you with maximum efficiency in the supply chain, save in spoilage, and will significantly improve your profitability as a producer and supplier of food products.

Pro Pac’s barrier film is used for gas flushed sealed tray packaging, vertical form fill seal bagging, and horizontal fin seal packaging.

Gas flushed sealed trays contain and protect your fresh food products with printed or unprinted barrier film that allows consumers to clearly see your products.

Dry free flowing snack foods packaged in vertical form fill seal bags with full color process printed multi-layer laminate barrier film and nitrogen flushing will extend shelf life and preserve freshness.

Fin seal packages, also called flow wrap packages, with barrier film and MAP gas flushing will extend the shelf life of your high volume deli items and single item food products.