Stand Up Pouches & Wicket Bags

Stand Up Pouches

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Stand Up Pouches Wicket Bags

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At a Glance

  • Create powerful full color packaging with stand up pouches. Give your pouches zippers, handles, windows, and even micro-perforations.
  • Wicket bags are perfect for master bagging smaller single serve bags. Bag mail order products, retail and industrial garmets, and frozen food products with wicket bags

The Right Bag or Pouch for Your Product

Pro Pac provides the right bagging solution for packaging your product. Ideal for beautiful retail packaging, pouches and wicket bags can be plain or printed, and come in stock or custom sizes with a variety of construction designs such as zippers, perforations, pouches, gussets.

Stand Up Pouches

Create a beautiful package for your food products with a stand up pouch.

Stand up pouches can be plain, or with nearly unlimited printing possibilities, create a strong shelf presence for your food products.

Pouches are available in stock or custom sizes, and come with a variety of construction designs such as re-closable zippers, barrier lamination structures, and bottom gussets. Other custom construction options include hang holes, tear notches, alternative bottom seals, laser microperforation, and vent holes.

Looking for a matte surface appearance? A clear window in a barrier material? How about metallic film? Do you need a specialty spout, fitment, special closure, or handles? Pro Pac can deliver these pouch characteristics and more.

Wicket Bags

Manually handling loose bags? The design of wicket bags is a simple idea that will double your bagging rate. Bags are stacked on a wire hoop, or wicket. The top bag is blown open with a speedy bagger. Operators simply slide products into the open bag and tear it off the wicket.

Wicket bags are often sealed with a band sealer, or simply closed with a clip. Remarkably high packaging speeds are possible with wicket bags.

Wicket bags can be constructed with hermetic seals, resealable zippers, expandable side gussets, and bottom gussets.

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