Benefits of Blister Packaging

Trapped Blister Package

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  • Superior product visibility and security
  • Powerful brand packaging
  • Low-cost package with fast turn-around

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Trapped Blister Package Trapped Blister Package Front Face Blister Package

Advantages of Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is an extremely popular type of packaging with a powerful list of benefits.

Superior Product Visibility
Blister packaging gives your product superior visibility in a secure rigid package. The clear plastic blister showcases and protects your product so consumers can easily see what they are buying.

Product Protection and Security
The clear rigid blister reveals and protects your product. A blister sealed to the front of the card or trapped between two cards provides excellent security for your product from theft out of the package. Any attempt to open a blister package is obvious, giving your consumers peace of mind; ideal for products that require tamper-evident packaging.

Powerful Brand Packaging
The clear rigid plastic blister allows your product to be protected and clearly visible. High-quality printing and innovative decorations make the paperboard blister card an effective way to promote your brand. The paperboard blister card also provides ample billboard space to promote product features for consumers. A custom-shaped blister card can provide even more unique appeal while enhancing your branding.

Cost Effective Package
Blister packaging is very cost-effective while providing high-value shelf appeal. Combo runs, where a variety of cards are printed and die cut from a single large sheet, are an especially low-cost process of producing brilliantly printed blister cards. Stock blisters, as opposed to custom blisters, will keep your blister packaging costs to a minimum.

Fast to Produce, Fast to Package
Meet your retailer deadlines with our fast turn-around that gets your product to market as quickly as possible. Blister packaging production has a remarkably fast turn-around to supply you with the packaging materials you need. With blister packaging materials in hand, packaging your products is a remarkably simple and fast process to produce finished goods.

Adaptive Versatility
Blister packaging can be designed in nearly any shape and size to effectively protect and promote your product in a retail store. Package your product with a simple rectangular shaped blister card, or create a custom card shape to reflect your industry or brand.

Blister packaging has a few formats, each providing options for product visibility, added security, enhanced branding, and greater product information. Blister packaging styles include front face and full front face single seal blister, trapped blister, fold-over trapped blister, double trapped blister.

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