Tamper-Evident Shrink Sleeves & Bands

Tamper Evident Bands

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  • The most cost-effective tamper-proof packaging
  • Tamper bands and sleeves can be applied either manually or automatically
  • Assure your consumers of a safe and secure quality product

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Assure Consumers that Your Product Is Safe with a Tamper Band

All manufacturers of consumable products must assure consumers that they are buying safe, tamper proof, or tamper-evident products. One of the most efficient ways to provide this assurance is by sealing lids and caps with tamper-proof shrink banding.

  Advantages of tamper evident shrink bands
  Cost effectiveness
  Secure seals
  Tamper-evident / tamper-proof
  Professional appearance

We provide samples of stock and custom tamper bands so you can be sure of the fit.

  All sizes, gauges & colors
  Clear, opaque & tinted
  Specify pull tabs, vertical & horizontal perforations
  Stock prints instantly available
  Custom printing with a quick turn-around

Cost-Effective Tamper-Evident Packaging

Tamper-evident shrink bands and sleeves are the most cost-effective tamper-proof packaging available for containers with caps, lids, and other closures. Tamper bands and sleeves can be applied either manually by operators or automatically by application machinery. Companies around the world use tamper-proof shrink bands and sleeves to save money and give consumers the assurance provided by a tamper-proof seal.

Product Security and Safety
Aside from the cost-effective benefits of tamper-evident bands, they also provide the advantage of a secure and professional looking seal on the container. Tamper-proof shrink bands are an important component in the packaging process of any product to assure consumers safety and security upon making a purchase. Importantly, protecting products with secure seals is one of the main reasons why suppliers around the world choose tamper-proof shrink wrap to meet their packaging needs.

Tamper Evidence
When purchasing products, consumers look for the assurance of a safe and secure quality product. Packaging appearance is their first impression. To meet stringent consumer safety guidelines, manufacturers often include a product guarantee on the packaging, along with sealing their products with tamper-proof shrink bands and sleeves. When a consumer purchases their product and the tamper-evident band is intact, manufacturers know that the product is completely protected.

Professional Appearance
In addition to their low cost, strong seals, and tamper-evidence, a tamper evident shrink band can provide a quality packaging seal without interfering with a clean, professional, product appearance. Packaging bands are also easily removed so the consumer doesn't have to struggle with the packaging to access the product. Preserve your product packaging with tamper-evident shrink bands that are both attractive and efficient.

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