Integrated Shrink Bundling Systems

Shrink bundling systems wrap a variety of products in unsupported multi-packs and supported in trays. Particularly popular with bottles and cans, shrink bundling is often used with a variety of retail food and beverage products. Here are some examples of integrated shrink bundling lines we have engineered and installed.

Need shrink bundling film? We supply custom printed and completely clear shrink bundling film.

Automatic Multi-Packing, Film-on-Film Shrink Wrapping System

This fully automatic bottle wrapping line begins with receiving individual bottles from an existing filler and labeler, and ends with double wrapping film-on-film to reduce corrugated usage.

Automatic Counting, Combining, Multi-Packing, Shrink Bundling System

This fully-automatic polyethylene shrink production line combines filled containers into multi-pack shrink bundled packages.