Integrated Shrink Wrapping Systems

Versatile and popular, shrink wrapping systems solve a wide variety of retail and industrial packaging needs. We can help you with the right shrink wrap equipment for your packaging solutions. We specialize in fully automatic, high-volume systems that can be custom-designed for your products and integrated into your facility. Here are some examples of integrated shrink wrapping and shrink bundling lines we have engineered and installed.

Need shrink film? We supply many varieties of Cryovac shrink film.

Automatic Tray Filling, Shrink Wrapping, Labeling, Case Packing System

This fully-automatic weighing, filling, wrapping, labeling, and case packing line produces shrink wrapped snack products in trays.

Tray Erecting, Loading, Shrink Wrapping System

This bags-in-a-tray packing and wrapping system automatically erects and presents a fold-and-tuck chip board tray traveling down a lugged conveyor to operators.

Hopper Infeeding, Lugged Conveying, Shrink Wrapping, Labeling System

With the addition of a hopper and lugged infeed conveyor to this oversized-product wrapping system, packaging efficiencies were increased 200%!

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