Axon Shrink Sleeving

Pro Pac offers the industry's best shrink sleeve / tamper-evident band applicators from Axon. These shrink sleeve and banding applicators can easily integrate into your company's existing packaging lines. Or we can design a complete system including applicator, conveyor, heat tunnel, and any other component your packaging process may need.

Axon Shrink Sleeve / Tamper-Evident Band Applicators

Axon's shrink sleeve / tamper-evident banding applicators can handle all of your tamper-evident and neck band applications at speeds anywhere from 5 to 750 packages per minute. These machines range from entry level, to high-volume tamper evident banding processes, to meeting both tamper-evident banding and full body shrink sleeve applications.

Axon Stretch Sleeve Labelers

Axon's stretch sleeve label applicators can handle a wide range of applications. These label applicators can place a label on containers up to 5 gallons in size and at speeds up to 60 containers per minute - and will make an immediate impact on your production.

Axon Heat Shrink Tunnels

Axon's heat shrink tunnels are designed to work with both tamper-evident bands and sleeve labels. Axon produces convective, radiant, and steam heat shrink tunnels that offer optimum shrink performance for a wide range of standard product sizes while using minimum space.

AI-60 & AI-120 Film Inserters

The Axon AI-60 and AI-120 (shown) automatic film inserter machines are a revolutionary new system, which replaces the cotton in the headspace of nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical bottles with clean plastic films....