Adco RCL-4x Robotic Carton Loader

Adco RCL-4x Robotic Carton Loader

At a Glance

  • Flexible robotic design increases productivity and protects your investment
  • 100% native Allen-Bradley machine controls
  • Stainless steel construction with available wash down
  • Fast changeover, simple operation and clean design
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Flexible Robotic Design Increases Productivity

Designed for maximum flexibility, performance and reliability, the ADCO RCL-4x (4-axis) and RCL-6x (6-axis) robotic carton loaders are ideal for the most demanding production environments.

The RCL family of robotic carton loaders feature end-of-arm tool designs that are based on ADCO's decades of complex product handling and carton loading experience and can be configured to handle many types of products at rates up to 700 products per minute.

Available in single or multiple robot configurations, ADCO's RCL carton loaders provide packagers with unparalleled speed, adaptability and investment protection. The RCL-4x and the RCL-6x feature stainless steel construction and are available in both standard and food grade configurations.


Stainless steel construction improves clean-ability and eliminates corrosion
Precision robotic motion ensures gentle product handling and quality output
Unique FANUC parallel-link design maximizes speed and acceleration
Higher speed and acceleration reduces number of robots needed for an application, condensing overall footprint
Six-axis design (RCL-6x) enables product feeding from the sides of a work zone, increasing the usable workspace
Fast, easy tool change reduces downtime and improves productivity


Highly-reliable two-axis pick-and-place robotic design
Capable of speeds up to 400 products per minute, depending on the application
100% native Allen-Bradley machine control platform with no proprietary controls
Sanitary design with easy access for changeover and cleanup
Many infeed options including servo-driven racetrack designs are available
Category 3 safety system with a fully interlocked barrier guard package


Economy glue flaps
Downstream back-up detection
Open major flap detect


Snack foods
Baked goods in trays
Flow-wrapped products
Frozen meats
Personal care

Carton Size Range

Length: 3" to 17" (75 to 430mm)
Width: 3" to 8" (75 to 200mm)
Depth: 0.75" to 4.5" (19 to 115mm)


Electrical: 230/460 VAC, 3-Phase with ground (PE), 60 Hz, 30A
Air: 10 CFM @ 70 psi

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