Redpack P325 Bottom-Seal Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Redpack P325 Bottom-Seal Horizontal Flow Wrapper

At a Glance

  • Very versatile wrapper to handle a wide range of products
  • Three-axis electronic drive system
  • 10.3 inch HMI color touch-screen
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Redpack P325 Bottom-Seal Horizontal Flow Wrapper Redpack P325 Bottom-Seal Horizontal Flow Wrapper Products

Versatile Flow Wrapper for a Wide Range of Products

The Redpack P325 Series flow wrapping machines are industry leading horizontal flow wrappers. These robust fin seal machines are designed to be extremely versatile, built to run a wide range of bottom seal flow wrapping applications.

Shrink System for a Tight Package

Redpack's innovative P325 system includes a shrink system to shrink the film around your products for maximum visibility. Package at the speed of a flow wrapper and have a tight package like a shrink wrapper!

The Redpack P325E flow wrapping machine has a three-axis electronic drive system. A user-friendly HMI touch screen works with simple commands for operators to enter product parameters for quick change overs.

The Redpack P325S flow wrapping machine has an advanced three-axis servo drive and Allen-Bradley PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control system. This fin seal machine has a 10.3" HMI color touch-screen that displays simple commands for operators to enter product codes and settings. The HMI also provides machine diagnostics, and is capable of management data collection and communication with other plant and equipment.


Equipped with independent drives synchronized through the servo-control system.
Machine base is manufactured from solid stainless steel.
Multi-pitch position infeed to accommodate wide range of products.
Independent temperature control of the welding jaw heaters.
Universal integrated holder for a thermal transfer printer, optional.
Integrated label applicator optional.
Modem for remote control and machine diagnostics for the fastest response.
No product, no bag.
Designed to work 24/7.

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