Take-A-Label TAL-3000T Tamp Label Applicator

Take-A-Label TAL-3000T Tamp Label Applicator

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Take-A-Label TAL-3000T Tamp Label Applicator TAL-3000R with Hot Stamp Imprinter

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Affordable Industrial-Strength Tamp Label Applicator

This affordable applicator provides a reliable, industrial grade labeling system that is very simple to operate. Its design and operation draws from over 30 years of Take-A-Label's dedicated label dispenser experience.

Key Benefits of the TAL-3000T

Accuracy: +/- .03125"
Standard photo eye
Built with a solid steel frame
Solid state electronics
Scrap rewind for quick start and removal of waste liner
Full scrap rewind feature
Durable all steel frame with powder coat finish
Footswitch activated


Hot stamp imprinter
Registered ink imprinter
Custom vacuum pads
Universal product fixture
Label counter
Extended stroke tamp cylinder
Clear label photo sensor
Custom product fixture
7" wide label kit

Hot Stamp Imprinter Option

The Hot Stamp Imprinter prints on virtually any label stock, die cut or butt-cut, parallel or vertical to the web direction. The pneumatic powered imprinter offers three lines print using individual steel type.

The Hot Stamp Imprinter mounts on these dispensers:
and these applicators:
TAL-3000R (shown above)

Label Specifications

Minimum size: .5" x .5"
Maximum width: 5"
Maximum roll OD: 12"
Core size diameter: 3"

Machine Specifications

Dimensions: 15"L x 17"W x 24"H
Air: 60PSI
Electrical: 115VAC, 60HZ, Single phase
Shipping weight: 55 lbs