LD-Xss Semi-Automatic Uniform Case Sealer

Loveshaw Little David LD-Xss Semi-Automatic Uniform Case Sealer

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Loveshaw Little David LD-Xss Semi-Automatic Uniform Case Sealer

This revolutionary case sealer was designed to excel in the most sanitary sensitive industrial environments. The LD-Xss was created to meet an increasing demand for a case sealer that could remain in line while plants were being washed down.

Heavy duty stainless steel design, fast/easy maintenance, easy clean design, and versatility make the LD-Xss a great value for any packaging line.

Features of the Little David LD-Xss

Quick-release drive belts allows belts to be changes in less than 3 minutes.
2" to 3" tape conversion in field.
Easy Access Motor Mounts allows for fast changover.
Simplified set-up: From pallet to production in less than 10 minutes.
Mirror image changover inallows change product flow direction without costly custom modifications.
Extremely durable, heavy duty tubular steel design with continuous TIG welding

Anti-Microbial/Easy-Clean Design

Maximized water shedding to prevent bacterial growth
Minimal overlapping joints to meet AMI standards for wash down environments
Sealed tubular construction promotes easy cleaning

Reliable Performance - Warranty

1 Year All Components*
2 Years Gear Reducer
3 Years Cartridge*

*Moving and wear parts are not included. Other restrictions may apply.

Specifications of the LD-Xss

Power Requirements: 10 volts, 60 cycle, single phase. Other voltages available.
Operating Speed: Continuous belt drive; 80' per minute ( 24.4 m/min.) (Production rate depends on box size and operator dexterity.)
Closure Material: Pressure sensitive tape
Weight: 269 lbs. uncrated
Case Capacity
Length: 4-1/2" - infinite
Width: 5-1/2" - 28"
Height 4-1/2" - 24"

Certain length x width x height combinations may not process due to unstable conveying conditions.

Options of the LD-Xss

Recommended spare parts kit
Spare CAC50 tape cartridge
3-Phase motor (any voltage)
Stainless steel top squeezers
Stainless steel front and rear pack tables
Stainless steel casters
NEMA 4 wiring-enclosure-switch & motor w/ epoxy gear reducer