A-B-C 72A Pallet Stacker - Dispenser

A-B-C 72A Pallet Stacker-Dispenser

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A-B-C 72A Pallet Stacker-Dispenser A-B-C 72A Pallet Stacker Layout

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The A-B-C 72A Pallet Stacker-Dispenser has a unique lift-and-place design that allows pallets to travel freely from the stack.

This smart machine won't damage pallets and easily runs pallets with raised nails or loose boards - unlike pusher-style pallet dispensers that strip pallets from the bottom of a heavy stack.

Maximize pallet handling productivity with this heavy duty unit.

Self-Contained Shipped Ready to Operate

Just connect power and air.

High Performance Features

Pallet handling mechanism with lift and clamp devices.
Sturdy, heavy gauge steel framework.
Electric motor drive.
Micro PLC control.
Chain or roller conveyor is available.

Rugged Construction

15 pallet capacity.
Lifting rating up to 1,000 lbs.

Plan View of the A-B-C 72A Pallet Stacker