A-B-C 72AG High Speed Palletizer

A-B-C 72AG High Speed Palletizer

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The A-B-C 72AG High Speed Palletizer's modular design provides total flexibility for cases, trays or totes. This powerful machine has features for ultra-smooth product transit, perfect load positioning, and rapid product changeover.

This robust palletizer is built for high speed operation, up to 4 layers per minute. Its low level construction offers the freedom of floor level operation, and a clean, open profile that ensures easy access.

An automatic grouping module that allows new product infeed during row transfer is the economical and compact solution for high speed requirements.

A-B-C's 72AG modular design provides the flexibility for today's palletizing requirements.

High Performance Features of the A-B-C 72AG

Heavy steel frame construction. 7 gauge, 3/16" steel, welded and bolted for strength.
Automatic infeed timing belt.
Turning post and powered roller case orienter.
Overhead case pusher bar allows case feed to continue during row indexing.
Stainless steel, reinforced elevator table with gravity design and tapered stripper plate. Maximum tier weight 650 lbs.

Reliable Palletizing Operation

Counterweighted elevator table eliminates drive motor stress.
Adjustable layer retainer bar.
Allen-Bradley PLC.
IEC motor starters.
Variable frequency motor drives.

Reduced Maintenance

Quick disconnect non-contact sensing devices with LED indicators.
Non-contact sensors monitor machine operation.
Sealed bearings throughout.
Touchscreen control for machine jog, diagnostics, troubleshooting, changeover settings.
Elevated beacon fault light.
Modem for remote diagnostics and new layer pattern programming.

A-B-C Intelligent Control

PLC electronics for precise control of machine operation.
Pre-programmed case size and pallet layer configurations.
Standard fault detection features.

Touchscreen Control Panel

Set-up for daily, shift or batch runs.
Simple sequence for auto/manual functions.
Diagnostic status report screen.
Input/output machine status.
On-screen case counter.

Optional Features

Custom case orientation devices including turning wheels and pop-up blade stops.
Layer squaring devices.
Automatic pallet handling/dispenser.
Bottom sheet dispenser.
Automatic case panel orientation to show labels or other identification on all four sides of the finished pallet.
Layer sheet insertion.
Roller stripper plate assembly for shrink-wrapped products.