A-B-C 700 Robotic Palletizer

A-B-C 700 Robotic Palletizer

At a Glance

  • Complete robot palletizing solutions
  • Multiple configurations
  • Integrated with your line
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Robotic Palletizer for Cases, Trays and Bags

A-B-C 700 robot palletizers combine the best in robotic technology with efficient and robust machine designs. These robotic palletizers give you flexible, reliable, low maintenance systems that will provide years of dependable service.

With over 30 years of designing and manufacturing palletizers for a vast range of products, A-B-C has the expertise in product handling. A-B-C experience in end-of-line design will ensure your robot palletizing project's success.

Machine Features

Complete robotic palletizing solutions for cases, trays, display trays, bags or totes with multiple SKUs.
Unlimited configuration options for product transport.
Complete robotic palletizing solutions including ancillary equipment.


Multiple Configurations Available to Suit Requirements

Compact efficiency
5-axis robot arm
1 in/out product/pallet configuration
Speeds to 20 cycles per minute
Up to 70" pallet load heights
33 pound capacity with standard vacuum EOAT (End of arm tool)
81" horizontal reach
Increased speed and multiple line capability
4-axis robot arm
1 to 4 in/out product/pallet configuration
Speeds to 30 cycles per minute
Up to 100" pallet load heights
Dual case load (33 pound capacity/case) with standard vacuum EOAT (End of arm tool)
124" horizontal reach
Complete pallet and slipsheet accessories are available


Automation of empty pallet transfer and slipsheet/picture frame inserting.
Robotic control or separate devices may be integrated depending on speed and space requirements.
A variety of full pallet takeaway conveyor options are also offered.

Machine Specifications

Complete Robot Palletizing Solutions
Standard systems include a high payload robot with vacuum head for single or dual feed, product transport and staging conveyors, high visibility guarding, Allen Bradley PLC controls and programming for your product requirements. This robust package can be enhanced with optional equipment or tooling for specific needs.
Built for Long-Term Performance
A-B-C is proud to supply Motoman Robotics from Yaskawa, a leader in robotic automation, as well as other suppliers to suit customer requirements. Integrated with A-B-C-built conveyors, load tables, pallet transport, slipsheet dispensers and perimeter safety guarding, our robot palletizers are designed and manufactured to our high standards of quality to provide years of reliable service.
Integrated with Your Line
With industry-standard Allen Bradley controls, integrated with Yaskawa’s MLX unified control package, the robot and all peripheral equipment are controlled within one system. This ensures seamless integration with other equipment, easy operation and programming from the touchscreen panel, and simplified maintenance.
Flexibility Throughout
A key advantage to robotics is their adaptability, and it’s important that your ancillary equipment contributes the same benefits. We design flexibility into all components to ensure that your robot palletizing system will precisely fulfill your needs today yet allow complete flexibility for product changes whether they occur tomorrow or years in the future.

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