Markem-Imaje 2200 Print & Apply Label Applicator

Markem-Imaje 2200 Print & Apply Label Applicator

At a Glance

  • Flexible print and apply labeling from high-speed front or multi-side case labeling
  • Wide range of interchangeable applicators
  • Swing arm for one and two adjacent side applications
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Markem-Imaje 2200 Print & Apply Label Applicator
Markem-Imaje 2200 Print & Apply Label Applicator
Markem-Imaje 2200 Print & Apply Label Applicator Sample
Markem-Imaje 2200 Print & Apply Label Applicator Sample
Markem-Imaje 2200 Print & Apply Label Applicator Sample
Markem-Imaje 2200 Print & Apply Label Applicator Sample

High-Speed Flexible Print & Apply Labeling

The Markem-Imaje 2200 industrial labeler provides a flexible range of print and apply labeling solutions, from simple case labeling to high-speed front or multi-side labeling.

The Markem-Imaje 2200 print and apply labeler builds on a proven concept, with thousands of units installed in demanding 24/7 environments, providing reliability, efficiency, and ease of use to minimize coding errors.

Designed to be over 95% recyclable, the 2200 Series takes print and apply applications to the next level of operation. The Markem-Imaje labeler provides a wide range of interchangeable applicators, optimized operational intervention and unparalleled application rates.

The eTouch-S intelligent applicator utilizes Markem-Imaje's market leading innovation to combine outstanding performance with the highest levels of operational safety.

Higher Operational Effectiveness

Safe and easy to use, competent operation can be achieved with less than 5 minutes of training.

Use the simple three key graphical operator panel or add the color touch screen production interface to ensure that only the most relevant operational data is presented on the screen.

Longer media lengths for extended operation and synchronized media reloading. Replenish label and ribbon rolls in less than 40 seconds.

Reliable Codes, Simple Maintenance, Minimal Line Changes

Compliant ANSI grade A/B codes even at the highest application speed. Integrated barcode scanner ensures that 100% of cases leave the factory with a readable barcode.

Simple routine maintenance regimes with the ability to exchange wear and without the need for complex calibration or a tool of any type.

Wide range of applicators best suited for each application minimizing the need for line changes and expensive modifications.

High-Performance Printing

Extremely fast and reliable, eTouch-S is built with artificial intelligence to prevent labelling errors, protect products, and increase uptime.

With the in-built auto-change/tandem functionality, should a 2200 Series go off-line, a second labeler will immediately take over the task to eliminate downtime.

Constant and consistent label management, automatic label tension and integrated label control, removing any need for operational adjustment or calibration.

Print Features

Print Methods
Thermal transfer or direct thermal (selectable on same print unit)
Built-in real-time clock
10 individual programmable counters
Print Engines
2220: 56 mm, 200 dpi (8 dots per mm)
2230: 54 mm, 300 dpi (12 dots per mm)
2420: 104 mm, 200 dpi (8 dots per mm)
2430: 108 mm, 300 dpi (12 dots per mm)
2620: 168 mm, 200 dpi (8 dots per mm)
2630: 162 mm, 300 dpi (12 dots per mm)

Maximum Print Speed
300 mm/s

16 smooth scalable fonts available
TrueType font downloadable
Support for Unicode fonts
Graphic Features
All major linear barcodes and 2D barcodes

Media Specifications

Media types: Die-cut self-adhesive labels, outside wound standard
Maximum label width: 178 mm
Maximum label roll: 350 mm (optional 400mm)
Inner core: 76 mm, inside wound thermal transfer ribbon
Ink ribbon length: 660 m
Ribbon core: 25 mm, best results with Label MI ribbon range

Operating Characteristics

Simple on-board user interface
Graphic display and machine status in local languages
Start, stop, pause or print
Local label selection
Machine back-up/restore or cloning
Communication Interface
2 x In via Opto
5 x Out via relay (24 VDC)
High-speed RS-232, 300 – 115 200 bps
Ethernet 10/100 (LPD, R Telnet, FTP, web server)
USB support for back-up/restore and label upload
Compatible with Weihenstephan standard
Dual Language Support (DLS)
- Markem-Imaje LabelPoint
- ZPL emulation


Temperature range: 0°C to 45°C
Humidity: 20% to 85% non-condensing
Power requirements: 110/240 VAC; 50/60 Hz
Power consumption in idle mode 35 watts
Power consumption 135 watts at maximum throughput
Peak power consumption 300 watts
Air supply: 6 bars, dry and clean
System including stand >95% recyclable

Applicators Range

eTouch-S applicator offers full movement control and application monitoring
Blow, enhanced wipe or flex SE for top, side and front applications
High-speed front apply
Corner Wrap for 2 adjacent side applications

Options & Accessories

High-usage long-life printheads
Inside wound label kit
800 m label unwind (factory upgrade)
Expanded memory SD card slot
Scalable and international fonts
Three-color-status beacon
Product triggers
Barcode readers
Advanced Trigger Sensor (ATS)
Range of industrial stands and mounting
Enhanced color touch screen user interface: 2200 Production Interface


CoLOS Base, CoLOS Line and CoLOS Factory
CoLOS Pallet (optional)
CoLOS Line Terminal

Material Types

Cardboard boxes
Plastic films


Personal care
Pet food

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