Rennco Pouch Pack SF Vertical L-Bar Sealer

Rennco 201 Pouch Pack SF Vertical L-Bar Sealer

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Rennco 201 Pouch Pack SF Vertical L-Bar Sealer Rennco 201 Pouch Pack SF Vertical L-Bar Sealer Drawing

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At a Glance

  • Ideal for bagging multiple loose items
  • Bags up to a 8 x 10 inches
  • Up to 30 bags per minute

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Quickly Bag Multiple Loose Items in a Small Footprint

The Rennco 201 Pouch Pack SF Vertical L-Bar Sealer has a small footprint size like the Rennco 201. However the 201 PP Pouch Pack version has a different sealing orientation. The horizontal seal bar is below the vertical seal allowing for bagging multiple loose items. The items are fed to the packager via an infeed chute that can be hand loaded or automatically fed from an upstream system.

The Rennco 201 PP pouch packager is ideal for kit packaging multiple items in bags up to a 8" x 10".

A variety of optional features are available such as static eliminator, film registration eye, pin perforator assembly, trim break detection eye, and more. Bucket infeed conveyors are available to automate the loading process for integration with upstream feeding equipment.


Up to 30 bags per minute
Versatile packager for smaller products up to 8" x 10"
Small footprint pouch pack and kit packing system
Significant material cost-savings over pre-made bags
Easily interfaced with infeed systems
Many available options


Constant coated seal system
Leg and height adjustments
Light screen cycling mechanism and perimeter interlocked guarding
Trim wind up


Bucket horizontal conveyor
Easy open perforator
Header sealer HS-10
Header sealer HS-14
Horizontal discharge conveyor
1/4" hole punch
Oblong hole punch
Jaw guards
Pick and place removal system
Uptime seal jaw
Pin perforator
Electric eye film registration
Spare assemblies and parts kits
Static eliminator
12" discharge conveyor
Trim break detection eye
Servo film feed
Bag release for lightweight product


Model201 and 201PP
Machine dimensions26"W x 29"D x 56"H (66cm x 74cm x 142cm)
Standard vertical seal8" (20.3cm)
Standard horizontal seal10" (25.4cm)
Standard jaw opening4.5" (11.4cm)
Electrical requirements110 v, 60 HZ, 1 ph, 8-14 amps*
Air requirements.12 CFM per machine cycle at 80 PSI**

*Special electrics available upon request
**CFM will vary depending on added options