Arpac 105, 112, 115, and 125 Shrink Bundlers

Arpac 105, 112, 115, and 125 Inline Shrink Bundlers

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Arpac 105, 112, 115, and 125 Inline Shrink Bundlers

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At a Glance

  • Designed to handle a variety of unstavle products
  • Built for bundles of multiple products, and large items like chairs, shingles, and doors
  • Optional side seal system

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Rugged Simple Shrink Bundlers for Many Types of Products

The inline shrink bundlers are Arpac's most basic shrink bundling systems, available in semi or fully automatic, intermittent or continuous motion versions.

Designed to handle an array of stable products, these machines are typically used to shrink wrap individual items, boxes, trays and bundles of multiple products. A rugged, simple design makes the inline bundlers ideal for shrink bundling nearly any flat product, including very large products, such as tables, chairs, shingles, doors, windows and pizza boxes.

An optional side sealing system helps produce packages with a full enclosure, further protecting the product and enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Economical in price and simple to use, the inline shrink bundlers are ideal machines to fulfill basic shrink packaging needs.


2 telescoping and 2 fixed film racks accomodate four 14" OD rolls of film
Powered speed pinch roll film feed system for positive film feed
Central point lubrication allows for routine maintenance without stopping production
Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller with Arpac standard operator interface
Digital controls for conveyor speeds, timing, and temperature settings for fast accurate setup when changing product size and film
NEMA 12 electrical cabinet and controls
Heavy-duty rugged construction designed for durability and around-the-clock operations
Laser cut components for maximum precision
Low film alert to warn of a film changeover


Change parts for additional product sizes and configurations
Toppled product detector for each lane
Low tension film assist for light weight products
Stepper motor lane divider
Product hold-down
Transfer bridge plate for product transition through seal gap
Turbo cooling section at tunnel exit

Example Applications

Trayed product
Rolled product
Floor mats
Pizza boxes
Roofing shingles
Ceiling tiles
Ceramic tiles
Ice cream
Tables and chairs