Tripack HSA Shrink Label Applicators

Tripack HSA-240 Shrink Label Applicator

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Tripack HSA-240 Shrink Label Applicator Tripack HSA-400T Shrink Label Applicator Tripack HSA-410 Shrink Label Applicator

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At a Glance

  • Highest level of operational efficiency and precise sleeve placement
  • Built for handling high-speed applications
  • Easy-to-operate touch screens
  • Mandrel-based film delivery
  • Made in the USA

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Rugged High-Speed Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Tripack HSA shrink label applicators are built for handling high-speed applications, extensive line integration requirements, and heavy production schedules. These applicators are built to last, with rugged stainless steel and aluminum construction, with servo motion film handling.

Tripack's mandrel-based delivery ensures the highest level of operational efficiency and precise sleeve placement.

Easy to operate touch screens are powered by Allen-Bradley control systems and servo motion.

All HSA-300 applicators are available in NEMA 4X, caustic wash-down construction for dairy or other intense cleaning environments. Coupled with our FT-300 Film Accumulation system, these high speed systems will run non-stop, with on-the-fly film changeovers, maximizing uptime and production throughput.

Attention Contract Packagers!

Tripack HSA-410 and HSA-410T machines are the most versatile shrink sleeve applicators on the market.
1" to 10" diameters
40 to 400 mm layflat width
Odd or round shapes
Tamper evident banding
Multi packs
Full body shrink labeling
Film guage down to 30 microns
Speeds up to 400 per minute

Features of HSA Series

Allen-Bradley control package
Servo motion cutting and film feed
Stainless steel construction
Single-Point touch screen line control


Vertical, horizontal, and T perforation
Film accumulator / splicing system
Inspect / reject systems
Container drying
Caustic wash-down design
Film turn assembly
Monoblock system
Custom puck and product handling systems

Specifications of Tripack HSA Shrink Sleeve Applicators

Model Product Diameter Layflat Range (mm) Minimum Cut Length (mm) TE Neck Band Full Body Sleeve
HSA-245 1" - 6" 40 - 245 30 300 / Min 250 / Min
HSA-410 1" - 10" 40 - 400 30 500 / Min 500 / Min
HSA-410T 1" - 10" 40 - 400 30 700 / Min 600 / Min