Tripack MSA Shrink Label Applicators

Tripack MSA Shrink Label Applicator

At a Glance

  • Just right for mid to high-speed applications and production schedules
  • High-quality, rugged, stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Easy-to-operate touch screens
  • State-of-the-art mandrel style film application technology
  • Made in the USA
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Tripack MSA Shrink Label Applicator Tripack MSA-180 Shrink Label Applicator

Rugged Shrink Sleeve Applicator for Mid to High Level Production

Tripack MSA Series shrink sleeve applicators are created for mid to high-speed applications and production schedules that are moderate to heavy. These models include user-friendly Allen-Bradley or Panasonic touch-screens, and are built with high-quality, rugged, stainless steel.

The most flexible sleeve applicator on the market today, the MSA/HSA 300 Series Applicators have a range of 40-400mm Layflat film size, 1" to 10" product size, round or odd shapes, at speeds up to 700ppm.

Popular with blow molders and contract decorators, the MSA Series is a mid level system, ideal for handling jobs of all shapes and sizes.

Attention Contract Packagers!

Tripack MSA-400 machines are the most versatile shrink sleeve applicators on the market.
1" to 10" diameters
40 to 400 mm layflat width
Odd or round shapes
Tamper evident banding
Full-body shrink labeling
Film guage down to 30 microns
Speeds up to 400 per minute

Features of MSA Series

100% mechanical mandrel-based film application
HMI touchscreen
No air required
Single roll film carriage
Stepper technology
Film advance system
Fixed position, multi-blade knife system
Quick-change tooling


Vertical and horizontal perforating
Monoblock system
Vertical and T perforation
Film accumulator and splicing system
Inspect and reject systems
Container drying
Custom puck and product handling systems
Film turn bar
Lot and date coding

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Specifications of Tripack MSA Shrink Sleeve Applicators

Model Product Diameter Layflat Range (mm) Minimum Cut Length (mm) TE Neck Band Full Body Sleeve
MSA-180 1" - 3.75" 40 - 160 30 200 / Min 125 / Min
MSA-245 1" - 6" 40 - 245 30 300 / Min 250 / Min
MSA-405 1" - 10" 40 - 400 30 400 / Min 350 / Min

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