Tripack TE-280 Tamper Band Applicators

Tripack TE-280 Tamper Band Applicator

At a Glance

  • Applies tamper evident shrink bands to round and rectangular shaped containers
  • High-quality, rugged, stainless steel construction
  • Easy-to-operate touch screens
  • Designed with a carrier plate support system that provides 360 degrees of support
  • Made in the USA

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Tripack TE-280 Tamper Band Applicator Tripack TE-280 Tamper Band Applicator Drawing Tripack TE-150 Tamper Band Applicator Drawing

Industrial-Strength Versatile Tamper Band System

The Tripack TE-280 tamper banding system is designed to apply tamper evident shrink bands to round and rectangular shaped containers. This tamper band applicator works with both small and large formats.

Tamper evident shrink banding is a great way to add value to your product and to let your consumers know that your product has been safely sealed from production to shelf.

Originally, Tripack's TE-280 tamper banding system was designed for the dairy industry to apply tamper evident bands to ice cream rounds and scrounds. Since then, the TE-280 band applicator has been modified to serve many other applications including salad and produce tubs, baked goods, and baby formula canisters.

The key to a successful application for tubs without a supporting shoulder is to secure the placement of the shrink bands around the lid. The TE-280 tamper band applicator system is designed with a carrier plate support system that wraps around each container providing 360 degrees of support. This moving carrier plate system is in sync with product flow to provide a positive, moving shelf for the band to rest on. This shelf ensures zero drag and consistent band placement.


100% mechanical mandrel-based film application
HMI touch screen
Allen Bradley servo motors and controls
High speed cutting system
360 degree support of tamper band
Continuous linear product flow
Comprehensive guarding system
Stainless steel construction


Caustic wash-down design
Vertical perforating
Film turn assembly
On-the-fly splicing (FT-300)

Specifications of Tripack TE-280 Shrink Band Applicators

Model Product Size Layflat Range (mm) Minimum Cut Length (mm) Max Speed
TE-280 2" - 7" 75 - 280 30 300 ppm

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