Arpac Top Belt Pacing Infeed

Arpac Top Belt Pacing Infeed

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At a Glance

  • Used for unstable product or product that needs compression
  • Top belt pacing infeed runs trays of snack foods
  • Modular infeed conveyors completely interchangeable with all Arpac shrink wrappers
  • Heavy-duty rugged construction

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Modular Infeed

Arpac Quick-Connect infeeds are a cost effective solution for operations that handle a variety of packaging applications. These modular infeed conveyors are completely interchangeable with all Arpac horizontal shrink wrappers giving you the flexibility of running multiple products on one system.

Quick-Connect infeeds are automatically recognized by Arpac shrink wrappers. All machine programs and parameters are automatically adjusted when Quick-Connect infeeds are plugged in or changed. Because film feeds stay with the modular shrink wrappers, Arpac Quick-Connect infeeds are more compact and cost-effective than others in the marketplace.

Top Belt Pacing Infeed Features

Runs trays of snack food

All Infeed Features

All machines run polyethylene, polyolefin, PLA and PVC shrink films
Heavy-duty rugged construction for high durability and around-the-clock operation
Laser cut and CNC machined components for maximum precision and strength
Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller
Arpac operator interface with color touchscreen, message display, self-diagnostics and package calculators
Stores recipes for multiple product setups
Guards and control box doors are electrically interlocked
NEMA 12 main electrical cabinet and controls
Rapid hand wheel changeover
Relaxed film tension at cross seal
Low film alert warns that a film changeover will soon be necessary
Print registration available for all machines

Example Products


Machine Specifications

Used for unstable product or product that needs compression