Shanklin Triumph TR-1 Automatic Shrink Wrapper

Shanklin Triumph TR-1 Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

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Shanklin Triumph TR-1 Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine Shanklin Triumph TR-1 Shrink Wrapping Machine Plan View

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At a Glance

  • Up to 60 packages per minute
  • Generates product spacing on the fly from randomly presented products
  • Maximum accessibility for easy cleaning, troubleshooting and maintenance

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Affordable Shrink System for Random Products

The Shanklin Triumph automatic shrink wrapper packages randomly presented products and generates product spacing on the fly!

The Triumph shrink machine is a perfect midrange solution for all those applications that require more advanced features than an L-Sealer, but not quite as complex as those on a high-speed automatic shrink wrapping machine.

Packed with a huge list of standard features, very affordably priced, and proudly made in the USA, the Shanklin Triumph is easily one of the best shrink packaging values available on the market today.

Operations Features

Maintains the right-to-left product flow direction of the L-Sealer, but can be operated from either side.
Product changeover facilitated by digital readouts and up to 25 package parameter recipes.
Fully automatic operation.
User-friendly touch-screen interface.
Reduced operator training time.
EZ load unwind allows for easy loading and changeover of rolls of film.
EZ film threading allows operator to slide open the infeed conveyor to give access to the lower portion of the inverting head.
Easy product changeover adjustments for inverting head, end seal height, side seal height, infeed conveyor, and package guides.
Digital adjustment indicator display to allow for repeatability and quick set up.

Control Pod Features

Swing arm give operator interface access around the perimeter of the machine
Panel tilts for viewing angle adjustments
6" color touch-screen control panel
Stores all parameters for up to 25 product/film recipes
Jaw temperatures
Side seal temperatures
Stop, start, slow run
Dwell time

Machine Features

Generates product spacing on the fly from randomly presented products (fixed or random length).
Can process up to 60 packages per minute.
On-board diagnostics, plug and play/modular construction.
Drop-in replacement for most L-Sealers with a 5' x 8' footprint.
Convenient, modular and easily adjustable pin perforator optimizes air evacuation.
Recessed selvage winder places the selvage removal process conveniently within the structure of the machine.
Selvage full alarm indicates on light post and stops machine after a short delay.
Selvage break alarm stops machine and indicates on light post upon occurrence.
Standard light post indicates important machine status (stop, ready, run mode, and need for attention).
Dependable, reliable AC drive motors.

Maintenance Features

Designed for maximum accessibility for easy cleaning, troubleshooting and maintenance.
Quick disconnect electrical sensors feature LED telltale connectors with quick disconnect plugs to aid in troubleshooting and maintenance.
Side sealer swings open for easy access to the sealing wires for cleaning or service.
Swing-out electrical box provides easy access to critical areas of the machine.

Specifications of the Triumph TR-1 Shrink Wrap Machine

Specification Triumph
Package Size Minimum 2"W x .125"H x 3"L
Maximum 15"W x 5"H x 48"L
Width + height combination cannot exceed 17"
Maximum Film Width 21" folded or
42" flat, centerfolder required
Conveyor Height 32.5" to 40.5"
Package Speeds Up to 60 jaw cycles per minute
Film Speeds Up to 60 linear feet per minute
Longitudinal Seal Weld bead at side of package
Transverse Seal Wide fin hot knife jaws
Main Drive 0.5 HP AC motor with AC inverter variable speed drive
Power 230 volts, 20 amps, 1 phase
Compressed Air 3 CFM free air at 70 psi
Safety Devices Emergency stops
Seal jaw safety switches
Protective guards
Safety interlocks on all access panels
Accessories EZ load compact centerfolder
Dual roll compact centerfolder
Flight bar infeed conveyor
Flight lug infeed conveyor
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