Starview MSP Manual Skin Packaging Machine

Starview MSP Manual Skin Packaging Machine

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Starview MSP Manual Skin Packaging Machine Starview MSP Manual Skin Packaging Machine with Stand

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Low Volume Stationary Heat Skin Packaging

Starview's MSP Series skin packaging machines are designed for low volume applications. They incorporate a stationary heating system with instant on/off heaters, which come up to heat instantly during cycles and turn off for loading/unloading.

The MSP skin packaging machines have timer control for precision repeatability and an accurate turbine regulator. The MSP Series is available in standard sizes of 12 by 18 inches and 18 by 24 inches.

For larger machines with additional automation and higher levels of production please consider our SP, SP-IR, ASP Series.


A wide range of standard and custom size machines available to match customer requirements.
Simple controls for ease of operation.
Manual film clamping frame operation does not require compressed air.
Machines utilize industry standard film widths to facilitate film sourcing.
Industry leading design, construction, features and customer support.

Specifications of the MSP Models

Specifications MSP-1218 MSP-1824
Max Card Size 12" x 18" 18" x 24"
Max Product Height 8" 6"
Heating System Quartz Impulse Quartz Impulse
Average Cycle Speed 30 - 60 seconds 30 - 60 seconds
Electrical 115V, 3 ph, 32 amps or
208-230V, 1 ph, 25 amps
208-230V, 1 ph, 40 amps
Approximate Size 27"W x 28"D x 23"H 34"W x 37"D x 31"H
Approximate Weight 60 lb 180 lb