Starview RP Series Roller Die Cutters

Starview RP Die Cutting Machine

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Starview RP Die Cutting Machine

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Starview's versatile RP Series roller die cutters handle low to high production requirements, and can trim a wide range of materials such as skin packaged products, thermoformed products, cork, rubber, and any other application where a steel rule die can be utilized.

Single driven pressure roller machines may be used where cutting registration is not critical and cutting pressures are low. Double driven pressure roller machines should be used where registration is important or for higher cutting pressures.


Single and double driven pressure roller designs offered
Uses standard steel rule dies
Die cutting occurs as die passes between rollers in both directions
Soft start / soft stop drive system reduces vibration and wear
Heavy-duty industrial design for long life


Conveyor mounted controls
Automatic start-stop function
Larger opening between pressure rollers for taller trim dies

Specifications of the RP Series Roller Die Cutters

Specifications RP22-1 RP28-2 RP34-2 RP40-2 RP54-2
Max Die Width 23.0" 29.0" 35.0" 41.0" 55.0"
Max Die Length Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max Die Height 6.0" 6.0" 6.0" 6.0" 6.0"
Driven Rolls Lower Upper & Lower Upper & Lower Upper & Lower Upper & Lower
Pressure Rolls Diameter 5.5" 7.5" 7.5" 7.5" 7.5"
Horsepower 1 2 2 2 3
Average Cycle Speed 1-4 CPM 1-4 CPM 1-4 CPM 1-4 CPM 1-4 CPM
Approximate Size 76"W x 41"D x 53"H 113"W x 42"D x 53"H 126"W x 51"D x 53"H 126"W x 57"D x 53"H 173"W x 72"D x 53"H
Approximate Weight 550 lb 850 lb 950 lb 1050 lb 1450 lb