Dynaric D2400 High-Speed Automatic Strapping Machine

dynaric D2400 high speed automatic strapping machine

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dynaric D2400 high speed automatic strapping machine D2400 Automatic Strapping Machine Layout

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High-Speed Innovative Strapping Machine

The D2400 is a technically innovative strapping machine capable of over 50 strapping cycles per minute. This machine will accept 5mm, 6mm (1/4") or 9mm (3/8") strap with no additional parts or costs required.

Cycle initiation is by photo eye or foot bar and the table height can be adjusted from 29.5" to 35.4".

Operating on single phase power, the machine can be plugged in virtually anywhere in your facility.

Capable of being equipped to accept our new XL coils and easy strap feeding, the D2400 minimizes the lost time associated with coil changes.

Ejector finger, located in welding head, allows for production where extremely low levels of tension are required, automatically detecting and correcting strap problems; and ensuring reliable, JAM-FREE operation


State of the art digital display includes a "0" tension button for sensitive bundles and up / down arrow keys for simple tension adjustment.
High speed cycle time, capable of more than, 50 cycles per minute.
Optional auto-bundle sensor, senses height and adjusts tension within range.
Easy strap loading, strap is inserted into the feeding slot and the machine feeds itself.
Equipped with safety strap cutters out of the machine; no knives or scissors are necessary to cut strap.
Automatic strap eject removes any leftover strap when strap coil is finished.
External dispenser allows you to determine when strap is low. The external location, coupled with adjustable machine height, allows for convenient and safe coil changes.
A photo eye switch or foot bar can initiate strap cycle.
Machine table height can be adjusted up or down, from 29.5" to 35.4", to accommodate your requirements.
Durable machine with reinforced arch and thick plates holds up to demanding environments.
Four 3" swivel casters allow for easy mobility.
Accepts 5mm, 6mm or 9mm strapping, requiring no additional parts or costs.
Runs on 110V single phase.

Specifications of the D2400

Overall Depth 24.6" (615 mm)
Overall Width 46.7" - 72.5" (1187 - 1844 mm)*
Overall Height 58.6" - 64.5" (1327 - 1642 mm)*
Table Height 29.5" - 35.4" (757 - 897 mm)
Weight 375 - 540 lbs (170 - 245 kg)*
Cycle Time 1.1 Seconds*
Cycle Initiation Photoeye sensor or foot bar
Strap Size 1/4" or 3/8" (5 mm - 9 mm)
Sealing Method Heat Seal
Seal Head Location Bottom
Package Size Minimum: 1.5"H x 3.0"W
Maximum: Determined by arch
Tension Adjustable electronic control
Mobility 3" Casters
Dispenser Internally located: 8" or 9" I.D. / 8" Face / 18" O.D.
Power 110 Volt, Single Phase
*Depending on arch size

Available Arch Sizes

Width Height Width Height Width Height Width Height
500 x 300 600 x 600 800 x 600 1000 x 600
500 x 400 800 x 300 800 x 800 1250 x 600
600 x 400 800 x 400 1000 x 400