Dynaric DF11C Automatic Strapper

Dynaric DF11C Automatic Strapper

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Dynaric DF11C Automatic Strapper

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Strapping Machine for Strapping Lumber, Metal Pipes, Plastic Tubing

The Dynaric DF11C automatic strapper produces a tight bundle around items as small as 1.6" wide. Engineered with a narrow sealing head the DF11C can strap rigid material such as steel bars as well as cylindrical products like PVC tubing, metal pipes, and even fence posts while maintaining strap tension.

The arch configuration and tensioning system are designed to minimize the strapping path and reduce machine wear while increasing cycle speed and efficiency.


Ideal for strapping packages as small as 1.6" wide 1.2" high
Anti-jamming feature eliminates strap jams
3/8" or 1/2, strapping can be used
Easy automatic strap feeding
Internal dispenser minimizes required floor space
Operates on 120 volts single-phase power, enabling it to be used in any location
Equipped with a control pad that easily adjusts timer functions, heater temperature setting and seal time
Digital display reflects the operational status, including an error code read out
Easily adjustable step less tension control
Motor automatically shuts down when not in use
Heavy-duty casters for portability
Tabletops are 1.5mm thick smooth stainless steel plate, without rollers
Six month warranty on parts

Specifications of the DF11C

Package Size Min 1.6" W x 1.2" H
Max depending on arch size
Overall Width 25.6" (650 mm)
Overall Length 44.7" (1135 mm)
Overall Height 52.9" (1345 mm)
Table Height 31.3" (795 mm)
Weight 410 lbs (186 kg)
Cycle Time 1.6 Seconds
Cycle Initiation Palm switch or foot switch (optional roller switch and photo eyes)
Strap Size 3/8" or 1/2" (9 mm & 12 mm)
Sealing Method Heat Seal
Seal Head Location Bottom
Tension Low tension; 40mm Stroke, stepless variety
Mobility 2.6" Casters
Dispenser Internally located: 9" I.D. / 8" Face / 18" O.D.
Power 120V, single phase (220V, 440V 3 phase optional)