Dynaric CP150 Fully-Automatic High-Speed Strapper

Dynaric CP150 Fully Automatic High-Speed Strapper

At a Glance

  • Fully-automatic strapping machine for the commercial printing industry
  • Applies up to 60 bundles per minute
  • Operator station on both sides of the machine
  • Stabilizes bundles of particularly hard-to-handle magazines printed on coated paper stock

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Dynaric CP150 Fully Automatic High-Speed Strapper

The Best Fully-Automatic Strapper for the Commercial Printing Industry

The CP150 fully-automatic strapping machine is the machine of choice over the entire commercial printing industry strapping systems on the market today. With a seven point bundle conditioning system the CP150 strapping machine is designed to stabilize bundles of printed matter, particularly hard to handle magazines printed on coated paper stock. Once in the machine, the bundle is squared from the sides, compressed from the top, strapped then quickly ejected from the strapping machine all at 60 bundles a minute! Utilizing the quick-change feature the machine can be adjusted to different publication sizes while the machine is in online.

These features are why the CP150 is the best fully-automatic strapping machine for the commercial printing industry.


Servo drive eliminates clutches and brakes used in welding head control
Modern touch screen display simplifies machine setup and improves operator troubleshooting
Automatic strap loading and self strap cleaning after completion of coil
Operator station on both sides of the machine to simplify machine operations
Variable speed conveyor drive allows for better control of incoming bundles
Upstream and downstream interlocks with complete plug connection
Unique bundle conditioning system
All doors and covers can be either removed or opened for fast access into the machine for service
Easily adjust bundle-stops and bundle guides during machine operations
Bundle accelerator and bounce back function

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Specifications of the CP150

Overall Width 23.6" (600mm)
Overall Length 62.5" (1588mm)
Overall Height 66.5" (1690mm)
Conveyor Height 34.0" (863 mm)
Weight 1100 lbs (500 kg)
Cycle Time 55 - 60 bundles per minute with single strap
Conveyor Speed Feed Side: 59 feet per minute - 187 feet per minute
Discharge Side: 78.7 feet per minute - 206.7 feet per minute
Strap Size 5 mm or 6 mm
Sealing Method Heat seal
Bundle Size W: 5" - 11" (127 mm - 279 mm)
H: .27" - 9.8" (7 mm - 250 mm)
L: 7" - 15" (178 mm - 381 mm)
Bundle Weight Maximum: 55.1 lbs (25 kg)
Compressed Air 22.3 CFM, 87 PSI
Operation Electro-pneumatic
Power 208V / 230V
440V / 460V 3 Phase
Approximately 1.5 kW

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