Dynaric AI1 High-Speed Air Inline Newspaper Strapping Machine

Dynaric AI1 Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

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Dynaric AI1 Fully Automatic Strapping Machine AI1 Fully Automatic Strapping Machine Layout

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Straps Bundles Directly from Stacker

The Air Inline, our newest state-of-the-art strapping machine, offers incredible new innovations. The most unique of these is the ability for bundles to be accepted directly from the stacker unit and strapped in the same direction as the bundle flow.

This revolution in the application of strapping, offers the user in a crosstie application the ability to place the first strap on the bundle and have the bundle continue through the system directly into the next strapper for the cross strap without the use of a turntable.

By eliminating the need for a turntable within a crosstie system, the Air Inline offers increased overall production and valuable mailroom floor space.


Free access to conveying level, no obstruction from the strap arch
Allows for unrestricted utilization of bundle stops
Never loses control over strap, bundles never leave the machine without being strapped
Requires only small allocation area, up to 25% less than competitors' machines bundles
Highest accessibility for service and repair work
Continuous detection of bundle height
25% fewer moving parts
No need to move massive parts of arch track
No need to move massive feeding and tensioning systems
Allows for strapping of single copies

Specifications of the AI1

Overall Depth 39.3" (1000 mm)
Overall Width 36.2" (920 mm)
Adjustable Overall Height 76.8" - 85.8" (1950 - 2180 mm)
Adjustable Conveyor Height 27.5" - 36.6" (700 - 930 mm)
Weight 1320 lbs (600 kg)
Cycle Time 30 bundles per minute
30 straps per minute
Strap Size 5 mm
Sealing Method Heat seal
Strap Tension Stepless & adjustable
Bundle Size W: 4.3" - 22" (110 - 560 mm)
H: 1/8" - 16.9" (3 - 430 mm)
L: 4.3" - 22" (110 - 560 mm)
Bundle Weight Maximum: 55 lbs (25 kg)
Operation Electro-pneumatic
Compressed Air 22.3 CFM, 87 PSI
Power 208 / 230 / 460 Volt, 3 Phase