Dynaric NP2 Reconditioned High-Speed Commercial Printing Strapping Machine

Dynaric NP2 Fully Automatic High Speed Strapping Machine

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Dynaric NP2 Fully Automatic High Speed Strapping Machine NP2 Rebuilt High Speed Newspaper Strapping Machine Layout

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Reconditioned Superior Strapper with Outstanding Reliability

Dynaric's pre-owned and reconditioned NP2 strapping machine. The NP2 offers a cycle speed of 1.5 seconds per cycle and will strap 36 bundles per minute in a single strap application and 18 in a parallel strapping application.

Providing superior output and outstanding reliability, the NP2 is extremely cost effective to own and operate due to its low maintenance costs. The NP2 can be easily integrated into today's automated mailrooms by incorporating optional electrical interlock connectors.

The NP2 can improve the production of many other different types of industries such as: high volume distribution centers, commercial printers, cut sheet paper companies and packaged food companies.


Quick change dispenser for easy loading and unloading of strap coils
Bundle conditioning systems squares up bundle prior to strapping for a more uniform bundle
Warning light system offers visual warning notification
Compression unit automatically adapts to the contour of your bundle
Strap feeding has two smooth steel rollers plus two auxiliary rollers
Tabletop conveyors has incoming 3 flat rubber belts and outgoing 2 flat rubber belts
Soft clamp compression shapes itself to bundle contour for more uniform compression
Low noise filter limits irritating noise in the mailroom
Table height adjustment adapts to various height conveyor system
Bundle tension is accomplished in a two-stage process

Specifications of the NP2

Overall Depth 28.5" (724 mm)
Overall Width 64" (1626 mm)
Overall Height 66.7" - 69.1" (1694 - 1756 mm)
Table Height 34.3" - 36.7" (870 - 932 mm)
Weight 1250 lbs (567 kg)
Cycle Time 36 bundles per minute with single strap
18 bundles per minute with double strap
Conveyor Speed 120" per minute
Strap Size 1/4"
Sealing Method Heat seal
Seal Joint Weld 1"
Bundle Size W: 9.4" to 21.7"
H: 0.8" to 15.7"
Bundle Weight Maximum: 55 lbs (25 kg)
Operation Electro-pneumatic
Power 220 / 480 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz