Wulftec WRWA-200 Horizontal Automatic Stretch Wrapping System

Wulftec WRWA-200 Horizontal Automatic Stretch Wrapping System

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Wulftec's WRWA-200 horizontal stretch wrapping system is safer, stronger, and more reliable than any other horizontal stretch wrapper. The most productive and safest way to wrap lumber, doors, windows, carpets, textiles, copper piping, corrugated tubing and more.

Crafted for Success

Aside from many other details that make the WRWA-200 an outstanding choice for increased productivity, this quality engineered equipment features a precise heavy-duty ring bearing gearbelt drive system that is the result of Wulftec's tradition: they make it better and stronger to last longer.

Easy to Operate

The WRWA-200 features a carriage with a loading clamp and patent-pending rapid-lock film roll device that make loading a snap. Everything can be done in the same area, with easy access to the carriage for simplified re-loading. The user-friendly digital panel interface offers multiple mode selection for more flexibility. Just set, load, and go!

Safety First

Not only is the carriage easy to load, it is designed for ultimate safety:

Mandrel safety switch prevents film roll from coming off the carriage during cycle
A safety switch on the carriage door stops the machine if the door is open
Key interlock switch prevents access to the machine while machine is running
An emergency stop is easily accessible on the control panel