Multiple Wall Corrugated Board

Single Wall, Double Wall, Triple Wall Corrugated Material

At a Glance

  • Do you need single wall, double wall, triple wall?
  • Single wall has flute medium adhered between 2 linerboards
  • Double wall has varying flute mediums layered between 3 linerboards
  • Triple wall has varying flute mediums layered between 4 linerboards
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Single Wall? Double Wall? Triple Wall? What Corrugate Is Right for You

Corrugated material is available in several wall configurations, including single face, single wall, double wall, and triple wall. Wrap and protect your products with a simple single face material. Simply shipping your products in cases? A single or double wall corrugated box is commonly used. Protect your products in large pallet packs with sturdy crush resistant triple wall corrugated material.

Multiple flutes can be layered within the same corrugated material. Mixing flute profiles allows board converters to adjust printability, compression strength, cushioning strength, and total thickness of the combined board. For example, a double wall corrugated material with two different flute profiles has advantages over using flutes of the same size that are perfectly aligned. A combined CE double wall gets durability from the C-flute layer, while the E-flute gives it a smoother printing surface.

Board strength, printability, and total thickness will vary depending on the various linerboard and flute medium combinations.

Single Wall: Flute medium adhered between 2 linerboards
Double Wall: Varying flute mediums layered between 3 linerboards
Triple Wall: Varying flute mediums layered between 4 linerboards

Single Face

Flute medium glued to 1 linerboard; flutes exposed. It can be manufactured in sheets or rolls. Single face is principally used as a wrapping material, and occasionally for interior packing or padding.

Single Wall

Flute medium adhered between 2 linerboards. This most popular and versitile 3-ply construction is converted with a range of strengths into a wide variety of containers and packaging components.

Double Wall

Varying flute mediums layered between 3 linerboards. This 5-ply construction is most applicable for packing and stacking heavy items where high rigidity and protection is required. Usually made of B and C Flutes for extra padding and strength.

Triple Wall

Varying flute mediums layered between 4 linerboards. This 7-ply construction is for large container sizes such as pallet packs. Usually comprised of two layers of C Flute and one layer of B Flute, this material is very strong and crush resistant, excellent for storage and transit.

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