Ultraband Ultra Low Elongation Plastic Strapping - The Steel Replacement Strap

Ultraband Ultra Low Elongation Plastic Strapping

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Ultraband Ultra Low Elongation Plastic Strapping Polypropylene Strapping Elongation Tension Chart

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Replace Your Steel Strapping and Save Money!

Polypropylene, Ultraband, and recycled poly strap applies safely in seconds - reducing packaging labor while controlling material costs. Our versatile strapping material comes in a wide range of sizes and tensile strengths, and several colors.

Eliminate the use of steel banding and save money! Ultraband low elongation strapping is the solution!

This strapping material is a hybrid of characteristics blended to create the optimum in performance and economy. Ultra low elongation, high resistance to impact, and superior break strength combine to create a formidable strapping band suitable for challenging packaging applications.

Minimum Order: 1 Pallet of Strap

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Ultraband Polypropylene Strap

Product Size Footage Tensile Colors Per Pallet
U3700-16 10.5mm 6,400' 700# G 12
U5600-3 12.0mm 3,750' 600# B, G, W 56
U5600-16 12.0mm 7,500' 600# B, G, W 28
U5800-3 12.0mm 3,300' 800# B, G, W 56
U5800-16 12.0mm 6,600' 800# B, G, W 28
U6900-3 15.0mm 2,550' 1025# B, Silver 24
U6900-16 15.0mm 5,100' 1025# B, G, W, Silver 12
U6910-3 15.0mm 2,000' 1250# Silver 24
U6910-16 15.0mm 4,000' 1250# B, G, Silver 12
U7160-3 18.5mm 1,650' 1600# G 24
U7160-16 18.5mm 3,300' 1600# G, Silver 12
U7990-3 18.5mm 1,950' 1200# B, Silver 24
U7990-16 18.5mm 3,900' 1200# B, Silver 12