Shrink Bundling Film

Shrink Bundling Film

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Shrink bundling film is used for multi-packed products in trays, on corrugated pads, or unsupported packaging. Shrink bundling film can be completely clear, printed with a repeated pattern, or print-registered art. Polyethylene bundling film is a little thicker and more puncture resistant than other grades of film, securely containing your bundled product.

Great for moving a lot of retail product, shrink bundling film solves a wide variety of retail and industrial packaging needs. Completely enclose your product or wrap with a bull's eye enclosure, shrink bundled packaging provides a cost-effective way to multi-pack your products. Bundle your products either unsupported or supported with trays, with either unprinted film for shipping or custom printed film for retail.

Printed bundle wrap is changing the way bulk retail products are brought to market. Bundle wrapping brings extraordinary flexibility to quickly change advertising promotions and campaigns. Shrink bundle multiple items into combo, variety, and rainbow packs.