Shurtape HP Series Case Sealing Tape

Our high-performance HP series packaging tape has five different varieties of tensile strength. These tapes have the highest shear strength in the case sealing industry. Even in the most demanding environments, our purpose-built tapes will seal, stick, and hold your cartons and cases.

Shurtape HP 100 Case Sealing Tape

General purpose grade case sealing tape with consistent performance for light duty packaging. Sealing lightweight cartons with minimal exposure to handling, shipping and load stress.

Shurtape HP 132 Case Sealing Tape

Production grade case sealing tape of lightweight cartons in cold temperature environments such as food processing and packaging facilities.

Shurtape HP 200 Case Sealing Tape

Production grade case sealing tape creates instant closures of medium-weight cartons in normal manufacturing and shipping environments. Aggressive, high-tack adhesive with excellent holding power.

Shurtape HP 232 Case Sealing Tape

Production grade case sealing tape for automated and manual packaging applications in cold temperature environments, including produce packaging, meat and poultry processing, dairy facilities, cold-weather moving/storage and unheated warehouses in cold climates.

Shurtape HP 300 Case Sealing Tape

Performance grade cse sealing tape for automated carton sealing of light to medium weight cartons subjected to increased handling stress.

Shurtape HP 400 Case Sealing Tape

High performance grade case sealing tape for large, bulky or heavy content cartons in automated or manual applications. Recommended in higher speed, critical closure applications.

Shurtape HP 500 Case Sealing Tape

Heavy duty grade case sealing tape for tough construction for heavy, bulky carton sealing in high-stress applications ad extreme handling conditions.

Shurtape HP 800 Case Sealing Tape

Heavy duty grade extremely tough packaging tape used for heavy duty carton seals. Ideal for packing military supplies, high-value electronic components and sealing hazardous materials and chemicals.